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Quiz #5

I can think of 11 Card set titles with the word "Valentine" in them. How many can you name? (The same title from diffferent years counts as a different title) Funny Valentines (Topps 1959) Funny Valentines (Topps 1960) Giant Size Funny Valentines (Topps 1961) Giant Size Funny Valentines (Topps 1966) Nasty Valentine Notes (Topps 1971) Nice or Nasty Valentines (Topps 1971) Valentine Foldees (Topps 1963) Valentine Foldees (Topps 1970) Valentine Post Cards (Topps 1970) Valentine Stickers (Topps 1962) Valentine Wood Plaks (Topps 1962) ******************* Actually Lonnie Cummins came up with a few test items too! Frankenstein Valentine Stickers (Box only) Funny Valentine Stickers (Test stickers) Valentine Insult Post Cards (Box only) Monster Valentines (Monster Greeting Cards) (Early box only… maybe a test box)

Every wrapper has a paragraph of text called indicia which is a list of ingredients, copyright and manufacturer printed on it. In a "nickel fold" pack, is the indicia usually found on the side of the wrapper or the top of the wrapper? Indicia is usually found on the side of "nickel fold" packs

What was the short black bar found on every wax pack wrapper used for? It signaled the wrapping machine where to cut between the wrappers on the roll.

In general, on a wax wrapper, does the shape of the indicia paragraph go in the same direction as the short black bar or opposite to it? Usually they go in the opposite directions but there are exceptions to this rule.

Which auction house sold the packs and boxes from the "Beer Box Find" in 2017? They were sold by the Mile High Company in September 2017

What is the name of the company that purchased Topps in late 2021? Topps was purchased by e-commerce company Fanatics in late 2021. Industry sources put the deal at roughly $500 million.

Does the Fleer Corporation still produce trading cards? NO. Fleer Corporation was purchased by Marvel in 1992 along with Skybox. Marvel entered bankruptcy in 1996 along with its subsidiaries. In 1999, Fleer/Skybox was sold to a corporation owned by Alex Grass. Upper Deck bought the rights to the Fleer name in July 2005. The last Fleer-branded baseball cards were produced in 2007.

What brand of Bubble Gum was produced by the Philadelphia Chewing Gum Company? Swell

The Philadelphia Chewing Gum Company also sold bubble gum wrapped with comic strips. What was the name of the strips? Tommy Swell's Gang

How many different sets of Beatles cards did Topps produce in 1964? Five different sets of Beatles cards were produced in 1964: Beatles B&W Beatles Color Photos Beatles Diary Beatles Movie - Hard Days Night and Beatles Plaks ******************* But Lonnie Cummins points out that Beatles B&W was actually three different sets! So the true answer is actually seven!

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