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April 2005

Oh, to have a time machine!

On April 6th 2005, Alan "Mr. Mint" Rosen and EAC Gallery conducted a major unopened non-sports pack auction.

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Spring 2014

The "Holy Grail" of pack collecting, but is it real?

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September 2017

The only PSA graded 1967 Leaf Star Trek pack known was auctioned in Sept 2017 by Mile High.  Also Mod Squad, Twiggy, Angry stickers and Land of the Giants test packs, some amazing full boxes too.

Star Trek is item #1024  but check

the last four pages of listings!

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January 2020

91 perfect packs from 1933.

Final price $35,463.60

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Fall 2018

Did you catch the REA auction in

Fall of 2018?

Lot #2577 was an incredible pack grouping that ended up selling for $3900

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April 2020

Full box of 1967 Wacky Package die cuts certified by Baseball Card Exchange

Final price $44,400.00