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Quiz #3

What was the name of the bubble gum produced by the Bowman Gum Company? Bloney Bubble gum

What was the highest auction price ever for a single non sport wax pack? $66,598.80 for a PSA 8 Mars Attacks wax pack in the January 2023 Memory Lane Auction.

Topps was known to release potentially controversial titles under the name "Bubbles Inc". How many of these titles can you name? Most famous is 1962 Mars Attacks but others include: 1955 Davy Crockett Tatoo, 1956 Elvis Presley, 1959 Funny Monsters (You'll Die Laughing), 1949 and 1956 Hocus Focus Magic Photo Bubble Gum, and 1964 Outer Limits,

The 1962 Mars Attacks set had a different title originally. What was it before Topps changed it? Attack From Space

Bazooka Joe was not the first Bazooka mascot. Who was the first and what special powers did he get from chewing Bazooka bubble gum? The first mascot was Bazooka the Atom Bubble Boy and when he blew a bubble, he could fly.

Who were the other characters in the Bazooka Joe comic strips and what characteristics did they have? Bazooka Joe had an eyepatch on his right eye and his girlfriend was Jane. Morts wore a turtle neck sweater covering half of his face, their chubby friend was Hungry Herman and the kid in the sailor hat was Toughie. The neighborhood dog was named Walkie Talkie.

Fleer corporation also produced bubble gum comic strips. What was the name of the comics and how did the strips evolve? The strips were called Fleer Funnies and started in the 1930s (way before Bazooka Joe) with Dub and Bub the Dubble Bubble Twins, After this, there were a series of comic featuring stick people. They finally ended up with the more familiar Pud who wore a red striped shirt.

The wrapper artwork for 1968 Topps Put-On Stickers was reused for what other title? 1969 Topps Real Hip Stickers

In 1956 Topps released Red Ball Jets which was a single Wings card in a new wrapper. These were given away with what product? They were given away with Red Ball Jets which was a brand of sneaker (actually still for sale!)

In 1962, Leaf released Spook Theatre with the phrase "EXTRA! Spook Sticker in this package" on the wrapper. What phrase was used on the test wrapper? Three Spook Cards in this package.

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