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Mars Attacks - Bubbles 1962

PSA link.jpg
Mars Attacks b front.jpg
Mars Attacks b  back.jpg

From the Fred Walstrom "Mars Attacks" Collection, this pack was sold at the Robert Edwards Auction in Spring 2014.

(for link to auction,  click the picture of the front of the pack)

Mars Attacks PSA 4.jpg

This PSA 4 graded pack appears to be the same one pictured above.

Mars Attacks a front.jpg
Mars Attacks a back.jpg

A different pack that was displayed for sale by a national dealer.

Another different pack (pictured below) was briefly placed on eBay in mid 2022 and apparently sold. Shortly later, the sale was voided and it was kept by the original seller which led to unhappy feedback for both the buyer and seller (P.S. I loved the "High-Five!" part).  

It has been submitted to PSA for grading.

(Click the front of the pack to go to the forum discussion)

Mars Attacks eBay early 2022 front.jpg
Mars Attacks eBay early 2022 back.jpg
Mars Attacks eBay early 2022 feedback.jpg

A PSA 8 pack was part of a "find" in the summer of 2022 and was placed in the

Memory Lane Winter Rarities '23 Auction after grading.   

It sold for $66.599 on Jan 7, 2023.  

(Click the pack picture to go to the auction)

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