NonSport Wax

Collecting Vintage NonSport Wax Packs

from the 1950s to the 1970s

...please don't tell our wives how much we're spending!

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Steve Sabow has an article in the current issue of The Wrapper about

wax pack collecting.

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Checklist 11.2 posted!

Downloadable Wrapper and Pack Checklist covering the years 1960-1979

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Did you know that you missed these

recent sales?

1966 Batman series 1 - GAI 8

1969 Scanlens Odd Rods

1970 Grape Big Wad

1967 Angry Stickers

1974 Six Million Dollar Man Test GAI 8

1973 Fabulous Odd Rods

1962 Spook Theatre GAI 8.5

1966 Man From UNCLE

1950 Bring 'em Back Alive 5 cent

1985 GPK series 1

1968 Fleer Football Stickers

1966 Janes Bond Thunderball

1963 Astronaut Pictures GAI 9.5

1977 Wacky 16th series PSA 7

1968 Monster Marks

1969 Wacky Ads

1966 Batman red and black bat cellos

1966 Frankenstein Stickers

1967 Nutty Initials Stickers - 5 packs

1967 Wacky Pack die cuts - full box

1965 Hogans Heroes PSA 8

1964 Outer Limits PSA 6

1964 Munsters

1962 Civil War News 5 cent GAI 9.5

1969 Odd Rods

1966 Good Guys and Bad Guys

1965 Frankenstein Stickers GAI 7.5

1966 Green Hornet GAI 8.5

1965 James Bond GAI 7

1933 Sky Birds unopened box

Star Trek 1967 front.jpg
Laugh In.jpg
Lost In Space.jpg
Real Hip Stickers.jpg
Space Cards.jpg
Drag Nationals.jpg
Sticky Feet.jpg